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The Holy Roar - Your Favourite Funny Blog TM

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27/09 | How would you "smash the shit" out of a pigeon? (1469)

05/09 | Video games make you fat and depressed! Right? Wrong... Probably. (641)

28/08 | Wii accessories - because motion simulation just isn't enough (1609)

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Greatest Articles

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Welcome to The Holy Roar

The Holy Roar is a really funny blog, doing all the things a funny blog should do! Hold on, we know what you're thinking. Funny blogs should have pictures of animals with silly expressions right? Funny blogs should have images of people getting kicked in the balls, right? Funny blogs should be funny, and that means showing funny videos that have cute little children acting like adults... right? Right?!

Maybe The Holy Roar isn't a funny blog after all, but rather a place for observing and deconstructing the world and the people around us, and poking fun at what we find. We could try to improve it; to fix what's broken and piece it back together constructively... but that's too much effort. Right? Right. It's easier to just sigh, smile and laugh: instead of spending all our time watching children/animals/the elderly fall over, we focus more on a blend of mockery, satire and acerbic cynicism. These things all help the situation, we're pretty sure.

So if you ever find yourself exasperated watching the world go on around you, just remember to sigh, smile and come to The Holy Roar - your favourite funny blog.

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